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Thank you for the trunk shows you did for me! The first one at The Muddy River Gallery brought in the discerning Coolidge Corner crowd. The comments were so positive as evidenced in the large amount of sales. Your pieces are unique and high quality. It's a pleasure to see something new! Thank you also for coming to Hammond Residential in Chestnut Hill. The brokers are already asking when you'll be back. Lastly, thank you for being a large part of my personal collection. Your jewelry gives every outfit an extra bit of umph!

Tracy Clark
tracy clark enterprise


Testimonial, Tina Lang Creations

Tina has been a loyal and dependable purveyor since she started offering her creations publicly. I have taken advantage of her custom services many times over the years and have been thrilled with the outcome. Resourceful and creative, Tina's eye for proportion and color allow her to masterfully amalgamate a number of visually enchanting components without being fussy or overdone. You can trust Tina to attentively follow up and provide your custom work within the agreed time frame. I recommend Tina's services without reservation. She is a pleasure and a professional.

Maria Pope Rowley


What about Tina Lang Creations do I like?

I like the beauty, variety, and value of Tina’s jewelry and her superb customer service. I also like the fun. Buying, collaborating on, and wearing Tina’s necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are aesthetic and affordable fun.

I met Tina through my friend Lisa six years ago. When I first visited Tina’s website, I fell for three-strand necklace of carnelian beads, crystals, and freshwater pearls---great colors! I bought that and Lisa had a name bracelet made for me to match the necklace. In return, I asked Tina to make Lisa a similar name bracelet in a color that Tina knew Lisa would like. (We are pet owners, so dog names wrap our wrists.)

Since then, I’ve bought more stuff from TLC than my husband wants to know, although---he is gratefully relieved now of having to shop for my birthday, Christmas, etc. Some of my acquisitions were custom jobs---a bracelet with my parents’ names, a politically-themed bracelet, a necklace that incorporated a clasp from my aunt.

When Tina works on custom jobs for you, the bracelet fits, the earrings are lightweight enough, and the necklace is comfortable. The colors flatter your eyes, clothes, skin tone, hair. Are you allergic to a metal? Tina will craft you something that won’t hurt. Do you need a bracelet for a grunge teen? Tina can help.

What’s more, you receive attentive service from TLC for a fraction of what stores charge. And I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of Tina’s work. Once, I bought a bead necklace of tiger eye, jasper, and turquoise that turned out to be too heavy. Tina re-designed it for me to be lighter and lovelier.

Tina is a restless designer. I attend her December trunk show annually and always find something appealingly different. (Her shows, by the way, are a party. Her husband makes you cappuccino. I bring biscuits for the dog. Women of different ages talk, sip, try stuff on, eat cookies, and compliment each other. All is relaxed. Customers feel pampered. Husbands receive good purchasing advice.)

I&'ll end with an anecdote about TLC surprises. Recently, I emailed Tina about a nonjewelry matter. In her reply, she mentioned that she’d bought some pearls she thought I might like. Tina lives close by, so I visited, and the pearls were both pretty and useful---a different shape and color from my others. So I chose a clasp and color of silk thread and had my new necklace within days. I’ve been eagerly wearing it at dinner for a week now. I’ll wear it again tonight. “Tina,” I emailed, “I’m so glad that you saw these pearls and thought of me.” In typical TLC fashion, thoughtful and low-key, Tina replied, “I just really thought they had your name on them.”

Suzanne Szescila, Newton MA



Thank you for your creativity and patience during our wedding planning process. With all the stress that comes with all the little details in wedding planning, we knew we could count on you. You listened to what we had in mind and knew our style so that all of the jewelry (necklace, earrings, and cufflinks) was not only beautiful but perfect! It was so wonderful to have gifts for all of our attendants as well as for ourselves that was truly crafted by an artist.

With love,
Tara and Ryan

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